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  • What kind are you looking for?

    Our "real" bento containers were purchased at the Daiso (Marukai) store in California. I know there are several of them throughout the country, but mostly on the coasts. They only offer online shopping if you buy in bulk.

    The cheapest I have seen online are at allthingsforsale.com. They have others at Amazon and lots of other sites, but they're more than I'm willing to pay. I have purchased stainless steel bento containers as gifts from Lunchbots (available at Amazon).

    We also have a Sassy container purchased from the baby section at Target that works very well as a bento box (I think it was about $6). Really, any container can work if it's the right size - 2" tall and about 3"x4."


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  • I saw some at Whole Foods today.
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  • How sad am I that I have no idea what a bento container is! lol.
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  • I'm sure they are more expensive but I got DD's at PBK - I got her lunchbox there too so it was just easier :)
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