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::Update:: Does your MW underreact?

Contractions started Saturday night while at a party. They were irregular and not painful. I woke up Sunday to more contractions and figured it was Braxton Hicks. Throughout Sunday they became more regular and constant. Called (sarah) MW and she was wonderful. She kept checking on me and once the contractions got to 6 an hr we knew it was time to go to the ER. ??Away to the hospital DH and I go at 10PM last night. Contractions picked up even more once I was hooked up the the monitors. To stop the contractions, I was given a shot of terbutaline. It made me feel like I drank 5 cups of coffee but other than that I felt fine. Instantly the contractions stopped. Hurray!??I was given the fetal fibronectin test which determines if you will have the baby in the next 2 weeks. Even though I'm 50% effaced, it came back negative and we feel relieved. Cervix was also check and its closed. By 1:00AM we were back home. I was given orders to rest and drink lots of fluids. So my plan is to start with a new practitioner that is a CNM who can proscribe medicine to stop anymore preterm labor. However I'm still set on my natural water birth. My original MW (Sarah) is fine with me switching back to her at 37 weeks to deliver the baby. I just wish she were a CNW so I wouldn't have to do all this switching around!Hope you ladies have a great day!  

Re: ::Update:: Does your MW underreact?

  • Glad you trusted your insticts. 
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  • I had similar thoughts and anxieties with my LM and one preterm experience at 34 weeks. Had I been earlier along like you, I may have done the same thing. At the same time, you are robbing yourself of building a relationship with your LM. I switched from an OB to a CNM when I moved around 20 weeks (had no CNMs in my old town). Then at 30 weeks I changed to a LM because I did not want to even be in a hospital with a MW- wanted a birth center experience so found the LMs. My insurance changed at the exact same time too so it was all smooth transitioning each time as far as "paperwork" is concerned. It did concern me up through this past weekend something would happen and they'd send me some place where no one new me- never expected I'd go to a big university hospital with residents and that whole scene. I got excellent, compassionate care but it was so far from what I wanted. Thank goodness I could go home that night, I just worried up through yesterday it'd happen again and I'd be stuck giving birth there (when if I had to pick a hospital it'd be a different/smaller one). Luckily I made it and can now go to the birth center! Anyway, after all my rambling, I will sum up with- I know how you feel and I dont blame you!!
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