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For those that have already sent them out- where did you order them from? I plan on purchasing about 50, but I don't want to spend too much money. 

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  • I got mine at Walgreen's.  I can't remember how much they were, but I know they weren't too expensive because I'm cheap when it comes to things like that!
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  • I got them at but I don't cheap out on these kind of wasn't too expensive though..about $70.00 shipped.
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    James Sawyer 12.3.10
    Leo Richard 9.20.12 

  • I bought them from tinyprints and they were expensive, around $100.  I later discovered  They have really nice ones and are way cheaper than tinyprints.  I recently ordered my Baptism invitations from them.
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  • Shutterfly


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  • Just wanted to say... Excellent name choice :)
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  • Vistaprint - designed them myself, but they have designs you can just upload a photo into
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    Katie: 1/16/08 2lbs. 15oz.
    Abby & Emily: 12/31/10 6lbs. 2oz. & 5lbs. 7oz.
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  • Shutterfly- I spent $28 for 50 including shipping.
  • Vistaprint and they have a thing going where you can get 20 free but you pay shipping. You can actually get more than 20 free if you choose different designs.

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  • I designed mine myself in Photoshop and then printed them for $.09 apiece at Walgreens. Supper cheap and they turned out really nice.



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  • I got 50 for $26 and they are offering free shipping on orders $25 or more with code ship25. I got the announcements in 2 days! They are quick. Also if you registered at Target you should gave received a $20 shutterfly gift card. If you didn't just go in and ask for a gift bad at customer service for your baby registery. Then you'll only pay $6 for your announcements :-) HTH

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    baby #2 lost on 9/8/11 at 6w2d
  •, only cost me $9 for 25, and i had them print at my local walmart, and got a text a few days later when they were done!
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