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Want to TTC, what do I do?

DH and I want to TTC but I haven't gotten a period since I started relactating. I'm not ready to give up BFing yet, but I'm pretty sure I need to get my period back before I can get pregnant. And I'm on dom, which means I need to wean myself off of it.

What should I do? Can I try cutting out a nursing/pumping session? And if so, which one is best to eliminate? DS eats 2-3 meals of solids a day right now, and does formula as well as BM, so I'm not worried about giving him formula. But he is quite the booby boy these days, and I have a feeling weaning would be tough.

Sorry if my post is all over the place. I just really don't know where to even begin....

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Re: Want to TTC, what do I do?

  • There's no way to know at what point your fertility will return.  I never had a pp AF but did finally ovulate after nightweaning around 16 months (after 6 months or so, it's more likely you will ovulate before your first AF).  Cutting sessions can help, but then again some women won't ovulate until they wean completely.

    Do be aware that if you get pregnant soon, it may be difficult to fully continue supplying your kiddo's needs (since he's not yet one).

    Good luck deciding!

  • We nurse once a day. At her first birthday I introduced cow's milk and nursed once a day and during the night (more comfort nursing).

    I got PG two months later. Got a normal period back instantly. 

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  • my (probably not really helpful) version of this, have sex until it happens at least you will have fun trying hehe!!!


    Good Luck!

  • Is your son nursing at night? STudies have shown that night nursings are a big factor in whether a woman's period returns. If you need help with night weaning, let me know or read The Sleep Easy Solution. I was able to wean LO from 2 night nursing within 3 nights with pretty minimal crying.
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