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butterfly toys or books for a 4 year-old girl?

We're going to a 4 y/o bday party soon - the little girl is really into butterflies - anyone recommend any great books/crafts/games/toys?


Re: butterfly toys or books for a 4 year-old girl?

  • Elefun is a cool game. I don't know if she would be bored with it though?? Its that game where the elephants trunk blows up with air and butterflies fly out. It comes with nets and you have to catch the butterflies. But, again, it might be too "easy" for her at 4.

    What about looking for some of those plaster pieces that you can paint and put rhinestones, stickers, etc. on? I am sure any of the craft stores/TRU/Target would have something with crafts and butterflies.

    Oh......I *think* there is also this company where  you can grow a real butterfly. You buy her the kit and the parents send away for the larvae to start the growth. It is pretty cool. Let me search online to see if I can find the link!


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  • DD just got this for her 3rd birthday and she LOVES it. I think it is super cool too. 


    <img src="http://tinyurl.com/4x5tkxo" height=300>


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  • There is a Hungry Caterpillar floor puzzle.

    Maybe a set of sheets?  Or some PJs?

  • There's a really cute puppet that turns from a caterpillar into a butterfly. (Sorry, not clicky.)


    The same company also sells a plain butterfly finger puppet. 

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  • My daughter loves the book by Little Scholastic "The Crawly Caterpillar".. it is a board book and in the in it turns into a butterfly and the page pops up into a butterfly.

    Also, a butterfly net?

  • Thanks, everyone!

    I hit my local old-fashioned toy store and found a few great items: butterfly purse; butterfly temporary tatoos; set of 2 butterfly finger puppets; wearable sparkly butterfly wings. Also Melissa and Doug have a ton of butterfly themed products in their outdoor line now. Found some butterfly bubbles and flip flops and a butterfly net!

    So fun.

    I love shopping for toys.

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