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My secret (maybe flameable) hope

Is that I go into my appt today and I am like 4 cm, with a bulging bag of water, and it accidentally breaks after the exam.

I am very much wanting to go natural in all sense of the word, but I am very much done being pregnant. Obviously baby is not done with me being pregnant though :) I am just not patient.

Or wonder about Foley induction? I am a VBAC, so I don't know. Google in it's wiseness seems to have good things to say about it. 

My Dr will laugh at me and tell me to be patient :)

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Re: My secret (maybe flameable) hope

  • I was sorely disappointed 2 weeks ago (only 36 wks) that I wasn't dilated to 1 cm yet.  Didn't help that a week later, a friend of mine (who went at 35 weeks and had a healthy baby, although a c/s for breech) told me she was 4 cm the week before her water broke.  :P 

    I'm kind of impatient, too, although I want this LO to wait until Thursday, as that is my last doula meeting...  so maybe I'm just anticipating being impatient?  I don't know - I"m too tired to think straight!

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  • LOL  Oh, your DD is Tuesday as in tomorrow!  I was thinking it was Tuesday as in last week. Stick out tongue  Well, a girl can hope, right?  I was going to opt for a foley cath induction had I needed it.  It was my first choice before anything like Cervadil.  Good luck!
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  • I see nothing wrong with your hope! I'm not due until Friday and hope that the same thing happens to me at my appointment on Wednesday.  Smile
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  • Deep down I have secret hopes too... I would never admit this to anyone, but I am really done lugging this belly around, not being able to fit in any shirts because they all rise up with this bulging belly, I have outgrown everything.  I am so uncomfortable.  I have never "loved" being pregnant.  I am not ungrateful.  Anything but, but I really really want my baby out (and healthy, but out)!
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  • My secret hope is that the next full moon (which is feb 18th) will start my labor. I will be 37 weeks and 6 days by then so as long as baby is ready it MIGHT  Winkhappen. Plus this would be a Friday and my daycare kid wont be here that following Monday because of presidents day. Just my ideal day right now. I have been telling that to baby but we will see how wel that goes LOL A girl can always hope!
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