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about a month ago i orderd maturinity uniforms for work. i got them today. i thought it would hurt  when they came because i dont need them any more, but i actualy felt hope for thed furture. for thes first time i felt like its gona be ok. so im going home and im going to pack them away with hope that some day ill go up to my babys room and unpack them. with hope that ill wear them and with hope that some day ill hold a little one. its hard and it sucks, but im finding hope, im moving forward. i know we all have along way to go but we gona get there.
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The hardest thing I ever had to do was let go of somthing I never got to hold! Your in my heart forever and I cant wait to hold you both someday!

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  • That is a great attitude! I think that means you are healing :) I kind of had a similar epiphany just now. Three people on my facebook had babies in the last two days. Normally I feel sad and a little bitter but this time I looked at their photos with hope. Their babies are beautiful and one day I will have a beautiful baby as well and so will you :)

  • That's wonderful that you have hope!  I hope the positive feelings continue for you, and that we all get our take home babies soon!
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  • I know how you feel.  Before the m/c I had made some "I <3 Grandma, Grandpa, etc" onesies for us to use to tell the grandparents about the pregnancy.  I saw them in the closet the other day where my sweet DH had put them so I wouldn't have to look at them all the time.... but I just tell myself that we will use them "next time".


    I love the great attitude you have, and I hope it helps in your grieving/healing process!  T&P's with you!!

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  • that is wonderful, and it sounds like you are healing and making progress.  but also allow yourself to have rough days too...and its okay.  soon the good days will be greater than the sad days...but it goes on for a while back and forth. 

    but enjoy those good moments when you can, and looking forward to the future!


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  • Just save them. I'm sure you will use them... Right away, maybe not right away, maybe soon, maybe later, maybe real later... You never know. Hang in there, and take your time. Hugs.

  • im sorry.. I know how you feel.. I was waiting for maternity clothing and some clothing for my son as well as the diaper bag and breast pump for about 6 weeks.. they finally show up after my son passes.. i had him at 22 weeks.. I now have all his stuff in his room and maybe one day I can use the maternity clothes and some of his stuff for his little brother or sister.
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