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Didn't sleep last night....had contractions all night (didn't time them)

today I feel like aHUGE amount of pressure down there...still losing more MP all the time. I've been having contractions today too (just about to start timing them)

Frustrated b/c I was in the hospital over night on Friday night til Sat afternoon due to a fall....and had tons of contractions...they sent me home with this

"its hard for a multip (mom who's had more than one child) to know when they are in labor"

How the hell am I going to know?


  • Well, surely there will come a point when you can't really do much during a contraction but to just focus on getting through it... so I'm thinking that when that point comes, I'll know I'm in labor, lol!
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  • image SNL0605:

    "its hard for a multip (mom who's had more than one child) to know when they are in labor"

    "It's hard for someone who's been through labor before, to remember what it was like the next time they go into labor" ?!

    Not only does this not make any sense to me whatsoever, but you do know your body.  If your contractions are such that you can't sleep,and you've lost your MP, I'd say your baby is getting ready to arrive. 

    Good luck and sorry your hospital's so dumb! 

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  • I found, with my second one, that there was a lot more "thinking I might be in labor when I am not" but no "thinking I am not in labor when I am". Once you really get going, there will be no doubt in your mind. Until then, it's really easy to drive yourself crazy :)
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