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Give me your beach vacation recs.

I am needing to find a 3br/3bath condo/house. Pool is a must very close{walking distance} or on the beach.

Any recommendations? I will be glad to say you suggested us if anyone has some great ideas.  

Re: Give me your beach vacation recs.

  • Waterscape in Fort Walton Beach is awesome for toddlers and preschoolers. Its right on the beautiful gulf with some great pools and a little bar right at the pool.  Walking distance to the Pier, Gulfarium and restaurants.  I love Fort Walton, no highrises and its the town next to destin. WAY less crowded than Destin and if you want, its an easy drive.  Its condo heaven, but that is OK with me as I like being on the ocean not a block away.
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  • We always go to Seaside for vacation. If you stay in Seaside proper, pretty much every house is within walking distance to the beach and/or the pool. All of the restaurants and shops are in walking distance, too. There is a "by cottage" map on the Seaside website so you can see where the cottages are in relation to the pool and beach.

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  • I love love love St. Simons.  My brother lives there so we usually stay with them but when we rent we rent through Hodnett Cooper and they are always willing to make a deal.  Let me know if you are really interested in going to St. Simons and I'll find you the perfect place!
  • I like St. George Island.  You can easily get a 3/3 house on the beach or directly across from the beach with your own pool.  The beach is basically your own (which I love with the kids so you really can let them run around), but there is not very much when it comes to grocery shopping or eating out (so we bring most stuff with us).  You can google collins rentals st george island or prudential rentals st george island to find some good places.  Its in the gulf only about 6 hours from here.
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  • vrbo always has good listings for rental properties around the fort walton beach area. my favorite are is rosemary beach. almost all houses are within walking distance to the beach.
  • We love Panama City Shores because the sand and water are so nice. You can find condos at VRBO for lots of places in GA and FL. We always stay at the Shores of Panama. However, for little ones, if you want a house (not a highrise), St. Simons is awesome. The homes are lovely and the beach and area is safe and quiet. Also at St. Simons, during low tide, you get these great little tide pools to play in on the beach.
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