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7 Months and supply is gone, help...

I have been EBF/Pumping since day one, and DD has only ever had bm, now my wonderful freezer stash is gone and my supply is gone, I work full time and pump 2 or 3 times a day at work. When I was once getting 4 or 5 oz per side I am now getting 1oz per side.  I know why, or at least think I know why from reading other post, 1. my period came back and has been very regular for the last 3 months,  2. DD has been eating 3 meals a day  and 3. DD is only nursing first thing in the am, even on the weekends she wants nothing to do with nursing except first thing in the am.  I have been doing everything I can think of and nothing is helping, Fenugreek, blessed thistle, mother milk tea, water and plently of rest. So my questions.. is there anything else I can try, I am very upset about having to give her formula and how do I even start giving her formula? Do I mix half and half BM and Formula? Or just try a full bottle of formula and see what happens?


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Re: 7 Months and supply is gone, help...

  • Could you try power pumping at night after your LO goes to bed? (pump 10 minutes, take a 10 minute break, pump for 10 minutes again, repeat for an hour) You can try this for at least 4 days and that should make a difference.

    How long have you only been pumping 1 oz per side? Is it happening just before AF? 


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  • Thanks! I have never done power pumping, but I will give it a try! I am really willing to do anything. So do I do 10 min pump, 10 min off for a full hour?  Just making sure I understand..

    The 1 oz has been since AF showed up so almost 3  months, and it's not just when AF is here, it's all the time now. Thankfully I had a wonderful stash but I am down to my finally couple bags!

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  • I added extra pumping sessions and take more milk special blend.  It took about a week or so, but I pumped enough for DS's bottles for tomorrow over the weekend.  It used to just take 2 sessions.  It is making a difference slowly. 
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  • Brewtown--I am willing to try anything so I just order some more milk special blend this AM. I hope that it helps!  Have you ever taken anything else to help? Like do you think I should keep taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle?



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  • You should look into Calcium Magnesium supplements. I heard that it helps with the AF-related supply issues.

    And definitely power-pump. I do it at work all the time, but I am lucky enough to have my own office. I'll close my door, hook up, and then just turn the pump on/off for an hour while I work.


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