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Can I put zantac right in DD's bottle?

Re: Can I put zantac right in DD's bottle?

  • Mine takes Zantac.  I wouldn't, just because a whole bottle with that nasty after-taste seems cruel.  :)  I just squirt it down quickly and chase with milk.  Not sure if there would be a medical reason against mixing it with the bottle though.
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  • I have seen ladies post on here that they do and it was approved by their pedis. But my pharmacist said no, that diluting it will affect the preservatives in it.
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  • We do it and it still helps him, so I say yes!
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  • My DS is on Zantac and I used to put it in his bottle, but I stopped because he would end up not drinking the whole thing and not getting his full dose. Now I just give it to him in a syringe. He actually seems to like the taste of it and gives me no trouble.
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  • I'm sure it's possible.
  • I mix it with 2oz of BM and then just nurse her right after. I have not tried just giving it to her straight yet, maybe I should.
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  • I tried the giving it straight and she would spit most of it out. I had my pharmacy make a new bottle with grape flavoring and now she gulps it down. So maybe flavoring it will help.
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