Anyone have breast surgery (lumpectomy) and still able to BF? — The Bump

Anyone have breast surgery (lumpectomy) and still able to BF?

Hi ladies.  Just curious if anyone has been able to breastfeed after having surgery on their breasts?

About 6 or 7 years ago I had an emergency surgery on a few lumps found in my left breast.  They cut around the bottom half of the areola, and then proceeded to remove the lumps that were at the bottom of my breast.  

I have always had my heart set on breastfeeding.  And now I find myself worrying that I won't be able to. 

Sorry if this is a silly question, but it is on my mind.  What if I am unable to feed from my left breast, but my right is working fine.  Would I be able to breast feed with the use of only one breast?  Or would it not be logical (unable to support nutritional needs, too painful?)


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Re: Anyone have breast surgery (lumpectomy) and still able to BF?

  • I had a lumpectomy about 10 years ago.  The doctor cut around the bottom of my areola.  I have been breastfeeding my LO for the past three weeks with no problems at all. My supply is fine and I don't have any additional pain on the side where I had the lumpectomy.  Good luck!

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  • I also had one 7 years ago.  I am able to nurse just fine also.  Actually that side produces more milk for me.  I am sure it is just a coincidence though.  Good luck!!
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  • I also had a lump removed from my breast about 10 years ago and have a 2 inch scar around the areola.  I was also worried about how this would affect breastfeeding, but I've had no problems.  I asked my LC about the possibility of nursing from one breast (before I started nursing), and she said that in many cases, one breast can produce enough milk should the other one not function properly.
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  • Thank you so much ladies!  Just knowing that you guys were able to has made me so much less worried.   And that is great to know that I probably will be able to with just one breast if need be. 
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