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35 week appt

I had my 35 week appt today and I am 1 cm dilated and 50 percent thinned. Its my second baby and I didn't think to ask her what she thought about my progression. I think it means I could go tomorrow or go in a few weeks. Anyone have any experience with dilating this early?

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  • That's what I was at 35 weeks.  At 36 weeks I was 2 cm, 50% thinned.  I delivered at 36 w 5 days.  This is my first baby.  I don't think they really have any idea when you could go into labor though, every pregnancy is different.  Good luck though.
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  • I think it is different for your second than your first.  I was at a 2 for weeks, my water broke and I was still at a 2.  Birthing class said you can't tell when you will go into labor by how dialated you are because like me you can be at a low number for weeks.  But I heard your second all happens much faster.  GL.

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  • With my first and second I was at a 4 for 4 weeks. 
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