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Where do you pump?

What room in your house do you pump in the most? I am trying to decide where to setup my pump. I plan to exclusively pump due to many complications with DD previously, although I will try to breastfeed. (I am just being realistic) TIA

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Re: Where do you pump?

  • I pump in our bedroom 2x/day (middle of the night and 1st thing in the morning) because DS is in our room, and the rest of the day I pump in the living room, where we spend a lot of our day.
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  • Basically in the living room. I had it plugged in for a long time but after the cord was chewed through by the CAT!??!? I had to put in batteries while I reordered the cord. The batteries have spoiled me because now I can walk around and carry it! I have the Ameda double pump. It may be nice to have the batteries if you have to tend to something while you are pumping (which you know will happen!)
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  • This is weird, but I generally pump in the kitchen because that's where my laptop is set up. Sometimes I will watch a show in the living room and rarely in the morning I'll pump in the bathroom while I put on makeup & do my hair for my internship (which is only two mornings per week and is almost OVER!).
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  • I pump in the living room. I dont want to wake up DH in the morning, so it's easier to just do it in the living room so I can watch TV or talk on the phone. 
  • living room, where me and the boys hang out all day

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  • In his room. I pump once a day, right after his morning feed. After he's eaten, I get let him chill out in his crib & watch his mobile-thingie while I take 15 minutes to pump & read a magazine.
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  • living room
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  • DS's nursery and the living room
  • I pump in the babies room.
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  • I pump wherever the action is! If LO & DH are hanging out in the living room, I'll pump there to hang out with the. In DD's room sometimes if I need to be in there with her. Occasionally in my bedroom if that's where I want to be. Happily pumps are very portable.
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  • Living room, computer room, or nursery. I only plug it in when I'm in the nursery though; I try to do it in there more often to save on batteries (mine EATS them!). Pretty much, I take it wherever I've set up station for the time being. (Most of LO's feedings are in the nursery, though- sometimes I just don't feel like getting out of the recliner!)
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