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Best friend's U/S- Cyst on brain- Question for you

My best friend had her big u/s today and found out they were having a girl!!  They also found out there is a cyst on the babies brain.  Did any of you find out at your u/s your baby had a cyst on the brain and everything turn out okay?  She and her husband are beside themselves and I just can't stop thinking of them and that baby.  They have been through so much to have this baby I just want a happy/healthy ending for them!

Re: Best friend's U/S- Cyst on brain- Question for you

  • DS had three, as well as an enlarged kidney. My OB had us all worked up about it, but when we had a followup.with a perinatologist at 29 weeks, he said.that it was essentially nothing. 99% of them are gone by the third trimester, and adults walk around with them all of the time. U/s machines just detect more thing than they used to.
  • Was it a choroid plexus cyst? DS had one of those and is perfectly fine. Apparently they are a "soft marker" for Downs, but my doctors told me u/s techs aren't being trained to look for these anymore because they are so common. They are harmless and go away by about 28 weeks. They don't CAUSE Downs, it's just that they are often present in children with Downs. Does that make sense?

    My BFF is studying to be an ob/gyn and she told me they are really blown out of proportion. She said they are just a result of how the brain is formed.

    Hope that helps. Good luck to your friend. 

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  • not me- but my co-worker...she got really worked up over it but everything turned out fine
  • DS2 had choroid plexus cyst also. It's really scary hearing that you baby has a cyst full of spinal fluid in his brain. My OB said they are pretty common and they tend to resolve themselves by the third tri. We ended up getting a second u/s after 24 weeks and found that the cyst was gone. I was really nervous and like a pp said, it can be a soft marker for Down's. We didn't do genetic testing so I was concerned, but as you can see in my siggy, DS2 is perfectly fine.
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  • I had one since birth till I was in my teens it just broke down over time and now it's gone. The doctor told my mom that it's common, but most go away while still in the womb.


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  • One of my really close friend's LO did. Her doctor told her they are really common, and they go away by 28 weeks. Her's did go away by then, thankfully.

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  • Abby had one. It showed up on the u/s at 19 weeks, and it was gone when I went for another u/s at 29 weeks.

    They're not uncommon.

  • Ditto everyone else. Our DS had two and turned out perfectly fine. We were besides ourselves when we found out. There really isn't anything to worry about as long as there were no other abnormal findings. I hope that all of these responses will put your friend's worries to rest. I wish her and her SO the best of luck for the future!
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