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Help me please!

My LO is 2 months old. I have low supply and nothing seems to help. I have been taking fenugreek and that is not even really doing much! I am so frustrated! In the beginning I was doing really well and it just seems to keep depleating. My ped has got him supplimenting with formula because I go dry and he is still hungry. I try pumping and if I get 2 1/2 oz a day its a good day. I am usually on the november board and almost cried when someone was talking about having a good pumping day resulting in 18oz! Can anyone give me any suggestions? I really dont want to stop BFing but I am so dissapointed in myself :(
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Re: Help me please!

  • Have you worked with a good LC at all?  That would be my first suggestion as an LC can better evaluate your situation and see what might be adjusted.  Formula supplementation often leads to a viscous cycle of ever decreasing supply - not saying you shouldn't give it but an LC can help you do so in a way that won't further compromise your supply. also has good info on supplementing and boosting supply.

    The first advice to try for any supply problem is to nurse more often - how often are you nursing now?  You can also try pumping after you nurse to further stimulate supply - you may not get anything at first but you have to increase demand on your body to boost output.  Some women never really respond well to the pump either so just because you can't pump much doesn't mean you can't make enough to feed your baby.

    Finally, I'd make sure you are drinking tons of water and eating plenty of calories, especially protein.  And try not to stress - I know that's easier said than done but stress can also cause your supply to take a hit.

  • I am having luck with More Milk Special Blend.  It helps with a lot of different issues like supply, letdown, mammary tissue. 

    2.5 oz on top of regular BFing is great.  That is my output for pumping on a day that I BF all day long.  Having an over supply sounds good, but it really isn't fun. 

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  • Ditto to latching him on more - and if he gets a bottle you need to be pumping.

    Personally, if I was battling supply issues I would try to pump after nearly EVERY feeding during the day.  It's a supply/demand cycle so the more you demand/stimulate the more you should produce, and giving bottles without pumping is digging you in a hole. 

    If you have LLL I'd try to go to a meeting there, or talk to the LC at your hospital and see if they have other suggestions/can look at LO's latch. 

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