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Diaper leaking at leg opening? size issue?

LO is 7lb and leaking out of the leg opening, I have tried arranging the leg ruffles in and out. There does seem to be space between her leg and the inner elastic depending on how she is positioned but we are in size newborn and I am thinking the preemie size will be too small. We are in Huggies Pure and Natural right now. I am wondering if I should try size 1 - would it be way too large in the Huggies brand? Downsize to Preemie or switch brands altogether? What have you done for leg leaking?

Re: Diaper leaking at leg opening? size issue?

  • I gave up on huggies. They failed for us for the same reason. There wasn't really a gap but my LO didn't fit in them very well bc of their shape. We use LUVS now and unless she has a SUPER big poop we don't have blowout problems
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  • I used the Huggies Natural diapers in the newborn size and hated them.  They always leaked.  I just recently went to the Pampers Swaddlers in Size 1, and they've been great so far.  I'm not sure of DD's current weight; she was 7 lbs. 3 oz. about 12 days ago, so I'm guessing she's near 8 lbs. now.
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  • The Huggies natural in the newborn leaked with us too.  The size 1's did fine.  We are currently trying out some size 1 Pampers to see how we feel about them.  So far, they work great.
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  • switch brands
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  • It's definitely the Huggies. We use Luvs or Pampers and haven't had any issues with them.
  • No, leakage issue.

    Or operator error.

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