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Medela PISA recall

THIS IS NOT A TOTAL RECALL.  Only Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pumps sold in the US and exhibiting one of the following problems are affected:


-  The pump will not turn on

-  The pump turns off on its own

-  The pump reduces or loses suction during the pumping process

-  The pump is making a clicking noise.


Just an FYI for anyone who might have one with one of these problems.  I'll be getting my new one in 3-4 weeks.  Mine makes a clicking sound and loses suction. :(


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Re: Medela PISA recall

  • I requested a new one too...mine made the clicking noise just a handful of times, but I swear it is losing suction.  At least I hope that is the reason for my latest dip in supply!
  • Thanks for the PSA! I'm using the PIS from 1998. Yep, a hand me down from my sister that is THIRTEEN years old. Probably not included in this recall. It still works great, I just wish the bag didn't LOOK like it was from the 1980's! Aw well, it still sucks! Wink
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  • They just added a place to put in your serial number to see if it is included in the recall.  Even though I purchased mine in May it was not.  I guess my pump is working just fine...not my BB's!! 
  • yeah it's BS...mine wasn't included either.

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