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Just for your entertainment I thought we could share the most rediculous comment someone made to after finding out we had a m/c........

I week after mine I had a co-worker tell me that I should have eaten more cheese burgers.........serisouly! and if I had my baby would have been healthy! Whats wrong with people. totaly ignorant, but also kina funny to laugh at how crazy some people are. But I'm pretty sure not even wendys everyday would have helped me keep my baby!

any one else have someone say somthing off the wall to them?

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  • well my husband said i was crazy for taking a pregnancy test every day (not in a nice way) - which, i agree, that's a bit on the obsessive side.  .....even though i was doing it to see if the frers were getting darker - they werent, which was another sign that i knew this pregnancy was doomed(they got darker with my son right away). and side note, i know this is different for everyone...i know not everyone pays attention to the darkness of the line or thinks that it has any significance. 

    he also said that "other women just usually take one pregnancy test and then they are done"  (therefore im still crazy)

    then he said, regarding my impending (i think) chemical pregnancy "most women dont even know it happened, they just get their period and that's that.".  

    he knows now after me not speaking him for a few days that these werent the right things to say.

  • well that explains it I didn't eat any cheeseburgers....tell that lady thanks for making everything so clear...LOL!

    The day I found out I called my BFF who seemed to be telling everyone that I was pregnant that we were miscarrying and I was pretty upset (obviously) since we just found out and she asks me when are you going to try for another I just about hung up on her!  My DH who was next to me and could hear goes she did not just say that!

    To top it off she asks me how many people I told and and I said my parents and the girl whose wedding I am in cause I was suppose to be 8 months pregnant at her wedding and we were ordering the dresses and then she tells me not to tell my parents till it's over with....don't know what purpose that would bring especially since I need them not only emotionally but I need them to watch our 3 year old when I have D&C!


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  • Will my fist m/c my best friend (a boy with no knowledge of women anything) tells me "I heard that hurts...like snorting pixie sticks hurt".   

     I am still not sure if he was trying to make me laugh or was serious.  Neither would have surprised me. He did make me smile though.

    **Remembering this still makes me LMAO** 


    PS: I wanna know where to get these magic cheeseburgers from!! 

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  • After I told my friend about my miscarriage, her immediate response was "Oh, wow...we've had a rough week too. My fridge flooded my whole kitchen." She talked for 20 minutes about this flood and her insurance company and everything, and had the gall to say "So I'd trade you situations now."

    I kind of coughed "Umkay" and made some excuse to get off the phone.


    After my (horribly painful) D&E my MIL told me, "I know you think you're in physical pain, but really you're just confusing your physical pain with emotional pain. So don't worry, you're not really hurt." Oh, okay. She also told me to stop taking my painkiller prescription for the pain I supposedly wasn't in... I just had to laugh after she left (and told my husband not to invite her over for oh, another five months or so.)  

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