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BF getting harder. It might be time to wean

I LOVE BF DD.  Its a time for the two of us to bond.  I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  With that said, BF is getting harder and harder.  I've been battling supply issues since I went back to work and I can honestly say I find myself obsessing about whether I'm going to have enough milk to feed her.  Since I can't BF every day, I pump when I'm at work and BF in the evenings when I'm home.  This last weekend DD has been having an extremely difficult time BF, to where I needed to give her a bottle of expressed BM.  So my heart really hurts thinking about pumping during the day, and not even being able to come home and BF in the evenings.  If I'm not going to be able to BF, why go through this at all.  Especially since I have been so stressed about it, along with the supply issues.  I want to do what's best for my baby.  I want her to have a full happy tummy.  But I could cry just at the thought of giving this up.  I'm just sad 
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Re: BF getting harder. It might be time to wean

  • I feel the exact same way! I NEVER thought I would be so sensitive about it but its really hard :(
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  • I'm sorry you are having a rough time!!! bf is like a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs!! I hope these links can help you, you can still BF!!! 


    Little Rose is 2 1/2.
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