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Power outage and frozen milk

We're expected to get significant ice and snow over the next day or two. I have no idea how bad it's really going to get but I'm a little nervous about my freezer stash. I have about 400-500+oz (maybe??) in our deep freezer which is kept in our cold garage.

If the power goes out, how long would the milk be good for in the freezer? Is there anything I can do to make it last longer? Should I pack ice (or snow even, lol) around the milk if it does go out? Any other thoughts?

Re: Power outage and frozen milk

  • It will depend on how full your freezer is....the more stuff that is in it the longer everything will stay cold and frozen.  We had an ice storm once and our power was out for 3 days...the only things that defrosted in our freezer were some small things that were in the top basket.  You can also fill any open space in your freezer with blankets and that will help to keep things frozen.  If you can put the milk at the bottom (assuming it is a chest type and not an upright) and surround it with other frozen items you should be fine.  Just try to avoid opening the freezer if at all possible.
  • Luckily your freezer is in your garage. I'm assuming since it's going to be snowing it will be fairly cold outside--that will really help to keep everything in the freezer frozen! I wouldn't do snow... you don't want it to freeze into a solid mass that you can't get your milk out of!!
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  • I'm in Fishers, IN!  I joked w/ DH that if the power goes out I'm putting all my frozen milk out in the snow.  I only have about 50 oz though in my regular freezer! 
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  • The most important thing I think will be not opening your freezer if the power goes out.  I feel like I read somewhere that your fridge/freezer can stay cold/frozen for quite a while as long as the seal isn't broken if the power goes out.  It will help too that the freezer is in the garage.
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