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Another Prevacid Question....

I asked a Prevacid Question last night and it was crazy everyone was talking about smashing up the pills and putting it in water?  Mine came compounded from Walgreens in a liquid already- I hope this works as well?

Did it take anyone 5-7 days to see relief from the Prevacid?  And did you give LO Mylanta while waiting for the Prevacid to work and did it help?

We stopped Zantac on Fri, started Prevacid Sat and she has been screaming ever since!  I want to just get back to the smaller crying on Zantac if the Prevacid won't work, but doctor said to give it a week.  I'm not sure if I can take this for four more days!!!!

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Re: Another Prevacid Question....

  • It did take my LO 5 days before the Prevacid was working fully. We used 1mL of Maalox before every feed for a few days & then just after feeds if necessary (we still do this). Prevacid is a time released drug & by crushing the beads to make the liquid compound you lose the time released effectiveness so if you are not seeing results or results are not lasting all day, it is definitely worth trying the solutabs themselves. Good luck!
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