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"Mommy, walk away."

Yes, this is what my child says to me now when I'm invading her space or otherwise cramping her style. I have no idea where she got it--daycare, maybe? She also asks me to stop singing sometimes.

Apparently, I'm embarrassing already.

I hate to break it to her, but she hasn't seen anything yet. Devil

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Re: "Mommy, walk away."

  • Allie put her hand up and says "Mommy, stay".  Lol.  When she's walking away, she'll walk backwards and keep telling me to stay so I don't follow her.
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  • It's happening already?  I feel just like you....she has no idea all the ways that I can and will embarrass her!  LOL.  I am not looking forward to the day R does that.

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  • Oh yeah, and I also get, "Mommy stop talking." She only does that when I'm talking to someone else other then her though.  I honestly have no idea where she got it from... She just wants all attention on her all the time!
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  • No wonder they call her Holly Hot Pants LOL! That is too funny!  You are in for trouble when she gets older :)
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  • If it makes you feel any better Kimberly was watching me get dressed the other day and said "Mommy if YOU don't look good I don't look good."  Oh my....
  • It's so funny what comes out of their mouths!

    On the singing comment-A told DH to stop singing a couple months ago...he didn't...and she began to boo him!! He thought I'd taught her to do that (which I handn't....but I thought it was pretty funny! ha).

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