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bottle feeding at 2 wks.

hey everyone, i am starting class and was wondering how others transition from bottle to breast goes? i plan to bf, but will miss one feeding due to class. any tips/recommendations appreciated. tia
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Re: bottle feeding at 2 wks.

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    At two weeks it won't be much of a transition.  Just make sure whoever is going to be watching the baby has enough milk for two feedings on the off chance that the baby is really hungry or you get stuck on campus for some reason. 
  • are you pumping? or giving formula during this time?


    either way here are a few links for you: 


    Little Rose is 2 1/2.
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  • We introduced a bottle at 2 weeks with DD and she took it with no problem.  We have continued to give her one bottle a day with pumped milk and the rest of the time she breastfeeds and it has worked fine.  I have read in many books that you should wait longer to introduce the bottle, but I have also heard many stories about people waiting longer to introduce the bottle and then LO not taking one.  I wanted to make sure DD would take a bottle and breastfeeding was going smoothly for us, so I felt comfortable trying the bottle at 2 weeks. 

  • I second the PP with the KellyMom links. We actually introduced a bottle of pumped milk at the end of DD's first week, and that continued for about a month, until she slept longer at night, and we still use it daytime now. Haven't had any nipple confusion issues.
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  • DS had his first bottle just before his 3week mark... I wasn't in the house I left to go to the store, DH gave it to him without issue. Then the next day I went to class and he got another bottle without issue. I thought it was going to be a lot worst... he would refuse a bottle from me or if I was anywhere near him for at least 6 months but if I wasn't around he'd take a bottle no problem.
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