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I am just a lurker but I saw that you mentioned Emilia has kidney issues. I just wanted to say that my youngest sister had the same issue at around 2 years old. She was getting UTI's back to back, pretty much as soon as she would finish one round of antibiotics the infection would be back. They did the catheter dye tests and determined it was the reflux issue. She had surgery to correct it at 2 and 1/2 years old and was immediately a totally new child. Her eyes had a healthy glow to them and she started growing hair (she'd pretty much been bald up until then).  She is now 18 and I think has only had about 2 or 3 UTIs since the surgery.

Sorry, this got really long but basically all I wanted to say was that I totally understand that the idea of surgery is scary but just wanted to give a positive experience from someone who's seen the benefits of it. 

I hope that Emilia gets better one way or another! HTH! 

May 17, 2008

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Re: ***Sweet Pea**

  • Thank you.  I am terrified about my little peanut potentially having to get surgery.  We actually just dealt with an infection 3 1/2 weeks ago, she finished her antibiotics on Sunday and then she had another infection (this time another UTI) on Thursday.  It's miserable for everyone. 

    I have to make the appointment with the urologist to see what she says so I don't know if hers it at the point where they would do surgery or not.  It's a stage 2 and I guess normally they don't do it unless it's stage 3 or higher or if they continue to get UTIs while on antibiotics.

    If she needs the surgery, at least I know it's worth it!  Thank you.

  • you're welcome! also another thing with her being on antibiotics so often, you might already be doing this, but try to get her to eat yogurt with live cultures in it as much as possible. Being on antibiotics so often totally killed my little sister's immune system and my mom had her eat yogurt at least once a day to try and get some good stuff back in her. She would eat the Trix yogurt b/c it had live cultures and little kid friendly flavors :)
    May 17, 2008

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  • Yeah that's what my doc said too.  She has a gogurt at breakfast every single morning.  Thank goodness for Costco!  I can get a huge box there for cheap.  Since she might be on the antibiotics for a year, I need 365 gogurts!  lol 


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