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We are under contract!!!

I can not believe it but we got an offer on our house, we made a counter offer and the buyer ACCEPTED!! We broke even but we just needed it to get sold so we can move and not have to worry.  Thanks for the support girls!  Woohoo!

Re: We are under contract!!!

  • YAY!! so excited for you!!
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  • Congrats! I am sure that is a huge weight off your shoulders!
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  • WOOHOO! Congrats!  I know you are relieved :)
    My sweet boy :)
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  • Awesome, I am sure you feel liek you can breath now!



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  • Yea! Great news!
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  • YAY!! Hope the process through closing goes smoothly.
  • That is great news, and great timing!  What a relief you won't have to worry about this house selling after you've moved! :)
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  • Woo-hoo! Congratulations, I know that must be a huge relief for you.
  • Yay!  Congrats!
    Our little flower

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  • Woo-hoo! That's awesome, congrats!

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  • Thanks girls! We did the numbers with the Realtor tonight and we ended breaking even minus about $200.  It could not have worked any better!
  • Great news!  Congratulations.
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  • so happy for you! Sorry to see you go, but I'm glad you don't have that anxiety added onto a big move!
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