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Poll: Pediatrician Advice

I've been wanting to post something like this for a while, but haven't... So, I thought today would be fun because the motherload of snow is on its way and I'm sure most of us will be bumping quite a bit tonight :)
I've noticed all Pediatricians give out different advice/remedies for certain baby issues, so let's see what everyone's pedis say! What has your Pediatrician recommended for:
Cold Remedy:
When to start solids:
Cry it Out:
When to give juice:
and if you can think of any advice on any subject that you have used that you've heard from someone other than your pedi.

Re: Poll: Pediatrician Advice

  • Constipation: unsure
    Gas: gas drops
    Cold Remedy: saline drops and steam. No medication. She's pretty anti antibiotic too.
    When to start solids: 6 months. Didnt listen.
    Cry it Out: She advised me to let my DS CIO to let him learn to sleep in his bassinet at 2 weeks. Didnt listen to that either.
    When to give juice: 6 months but said to give mostly water. Luckily, my DS only likes water.
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    Constipation:  Never had this issue, so I don't know what she'd recommend
    Gas: Mylicon
    Cold Remedy:  Humidifier, lots of nursing
    When to start solids: No sooner than six months
    Cry it Out: Anytime we're comfortable with it after six months as long as the baby isn't hungry overnight
    When to give juice: Never
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  • Constipation: 1/2tsp dark karo syrup per ounce of formula.  (has to be a new bottle for a new baby... old karo you may already have had could have developed botulism)
    Gas: mylicon
    Cold Remedy: ?
    When to start solids: 6 months

    Cry it Out: 6 months
    When to give juice: ?

    Hailey Jo
  • Constipation: Karo

    Gas: Mylicon

    Cold:  (DS had a cough) Humidifier, come in if temp of over 100.4 or not eating/sleeping well

    Solids: 6 months

    CIO: haven't asked

    When to give Juice: haven't asked

    James Sawyer 12.3.10
    Leo Richard 9.20.12 

  • Constipation:  karo syrup

    Gas: Mylicon drops

    Cold: haven't needed to ask

    Solids: start 1 veggie or fruit/week at 3 1/2 months

    CIO:  haven't asked

    Juice:  6 months or later because it could make her reflux worse

  • Constipation: running legs, Maalox, BM from the 1st month
    Gas: gas drops, running legs, belly massage
    Cold Remedy: saline mist, nasal aspirator, steamy bathroom followed by cold air outdoors
    When to start solids: when baby is ready around 6 months
    Cry it Out: none was asked for and none was given
    When to give juice: none was asked for and none was given
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  • image mrsohbuhr:

    Constipation: prune juice
    Gas: let them be or give some little tummies
    Cold Remedy:  Leave them alone.  Give pedialite (sp?) if they won't eat/diarrhea/vomiting.  They do not recommend giving tylanol for fever either, unless it is really high
    When to start solids: 5-6 mo
    Cry it Out: They are all about it!  Blah.  I disagree.
    When to give juice: not recommended; empty calories and whatnot.

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  • I love this poll! Great to see the advice other mothers have gotten and used! Heres what our doc has recommended:

    Constipation: warm baths, pumping legs, kyro syrup if all else fails
    Gas: mylicon drops, burping, keeping upright, formula changes
    Cold Remedy: saline drops and humidifier, and steam from warm showers
    When to start solids: around 4 months, depending on if he thought baby was ready
    Cry it Out: didn't seems too keen on this but said by 6 months to try and let baby fall asleep in crib on own
    When to give juice: 6 months, but diluted with water

  • Constipation: Pedialyte, the thermometer trick
    Gas: Mylicoln, the bicycle
    Cold Remedy: saline & a nasal aspirator, steamy shower
    When to start solids: slowly at 4 months
    Cry it Out: didnt ask, I dont want their opinion on that
    When to give juice: didnt ask
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