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Homebirthers: What are you planning on doing with your pets?

My husband is concerned that our dog and cat (but mostly dog), would not be able to settle down with the midwives in the house.  I'm really not that concerned, but it did get me thinking.  Are you shipping your pets to a sitter, or are they staying in the house?

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Re: Homebirthers: What are you planning on doing with your pets?

  • My cat stayed in the house. Actually, she stayed right on our bed for most of the time I was laboring. I loved it. Nothing like having the comforts of home!

    This is one of my favorite pictures... my midwife doing her initial evaluation on me while I pet my cat Smile


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  • We have a large dog and she's extremely protective and although she barked for a few seconds when my midwife arrived and her assistance that was it (generally she's pretty nuts when new people arrive).  To be honest, she really understood what was going on when I was in labor and was VERY attentive to me and my needs.  My labor picked up when I had sent my DH to the store to get stuff and she stayed right by my side until he arrived.  I loved her support!!  And during the birth she just stayed outside the bathroom and when I delievered she came in, took a look and left the room.  I can't stress enough how much animals understand and they will surprise you.
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  • We just have a cat.  I'm curious to see how she will react.  If she doesn't like my noises or whatever she will probably go into the basement on her own.  But she also very social so she may hang out, which is fine. 
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  • Same here...we are planning on leaving our cats 'free roaming.'  They are pretty calm and will likely just be hanging around.  If they get to be too much of a problem, we may put them in the garage.  They are indoor cats, but love exploring the garage space where they don't usually go.
  • My dog greeted the MWs and then eventually resumed her normal position (sleeping behind the couch).  My labor was long so I am sure that there were points when she was let out, when her dog walker came (we used to live in the city) and when she was being fed or petted in the next room, but I don't recall any of them.

    I do remember her spying my PB toast at one point (sitting on a low side table) when I was in the birthing tub and I remember I had to call someone in to rescue my snack. ;) 

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  • We have 4 cats- 3 out of 4 are outside most of the day anyways, and come in at night. 1 goes out sometimes but is mostly in. I worry that they will spook and pop the pool so out they all go!
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  • cat i'm not concerned about.  since i'm due in sept if the dog has issues we will just put her outside
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  • we didn't have any problem with our cats during my homebirth.  the two cats saw strangers in the house and made themselves scarce. 


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  • I have two cats. We'll see how they respond. If it's a problem, we will put them in the basement.

    If I had a dog, I think it really depends on the dog's personality. A high energy dog might need an alternate while a low energy may not. Perhaps you can play it by ear and have a back up on hand in case it's not going well.

  • imageCaptainObnoxious:

    Making them watch.

    Haha if our cats weren't afraid of strangers, they would totally watch. The little creeps were most likely staring when we conceived. Realistically, they'll probably hide as soon as the midwife shows up.

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