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anyone else with "no growth" during chromosomal analysis?

got the news from my doctor today that there was no growth, which i was expecting since there had been preliminary results in three weeks.  i understand how this can happen scientifically, and we're ok with assuming our baby had 45,X based on a number of other factors we do know, but it would have been so nice to get official confirmation for closure and next pg purposes.

anyway, was just wondering if there's anyone else out there in this stinky boat?   

<div>missing our sweet daughter - m/c on 1/7/11 at 14w6d due to Turner Syndrome, d&c 1/7/11</div>
<div>CP 4/24/11 at 4w2d</div>
<div>baby boy born 3/15/12</div>
<div>pg #4 EDD 4/11/13</div>
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Re: anyone else with &amp;quot;no growth&amp;quot; during chromosomal analysis?

  • So sorry for your loss!  I had this issue with my last MC.  This is particularly common with a missed mc because things can start to deteriorate to the point where the types of tests they need to do no longer work.  I was told that it has to do with the amount of time that passes between when the baby dies and when they start the testing on the tissue.  It completely sucks and I am very sorry.
    Me: 37 DH: 43 Married 9/2004 TTC since 9/2005 CP Dec 2006 MC June 2008 at 6 weeks MC April 2010 at 9 weeks 50 clomid+IUI 11/2010=BFN 50 clomid+IUI 12/2010=BFP MC Feb 2011 at 7 weeks 8/11 CD3 AFC=24,FSH=6.91,AMH=5.6,E2=47.9, TSH=1.27,8/26 12DPO BFP Alistair Charles "Charlie" was born 5/7 weighing 8lbs, 10oz and 22" was long image image image image
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