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I need help, please!!!

What does your day look like, as far as menus go?

What do you eat & do you have any healthy, easy to make recipes??

Do you exercise? If so, how many times a week & what is your routine?

I need some motivation and ideas on healthy snacks & recipes. For some reason I. CANNOT. STOP. EATING lately...

I keep stuffing my face, I am making myself sick Ick! I want to cry because I feel like I have no control over myself right now and this is soooo not like me.


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Re: I need help, please!!!

  • Here is an example of what I am eating today:


    3/4c of Kashi cereal with 1/2c of almond milk


    Red pepper, 2tbs hummus


    Homemade Veggie soup (reduced sodium chicken broth) carrot, zuchini, cauliflower, green beans, kidney beans, diced tomatoes and onion.

    Half of a whole grain english muffin w/1 wedge of light laughing cow cheese


    Greek Yogurt with Blueberries


    Baked chicken breast seasoned with Mrs. Dash

    Seasoned red potatoes and green beans


    Laughing Cow skinny ice cream bar

    And I also drink about 60-80 oz of water during the day

    As far as healthy recipes, I really like  Cooking Light for dinner ideas. The last 3 nights I have actually made recipes from their website, and even the picky eater at my house loved them!

    I have been exercising at least 5 times a week. Three days I week I run doing the Couch to 5K training program that I downloaded on my iPod. Twice a week I go to an hour long Zumba class and on my off days I ride my horse and do arms/abs. It took me a while to get into the routine of fitting in all of that exercise, but it makes me feel really good so I have kept it up!

    GL, once you put your mind to it, you can do it :)

  • Here is what my day looks like:

    Breakfast: Steel cut oats with diced apple with cinnamon, flaxseed and walnuts with 8 oz milk

    Snack: Carrots, celery or bell pepper with 2 tbs hummus

    Lunch: grilled chicken with spinich salad topped with tomatoes and balsamic

    Snack: Greek yogurt with thawed berries with a small drizzle of honey topped with 2 tsp flaxseed 

    Dinner:Grilled fish with brown rice, black beans with steamed broccoli. 

    Snack: Frozen grapes or an apple with almond butter.

    Also I drink about 64 ounces or more of water a day.  I follow the eating clean lifestyle and I love it. I recommend picking up any book by Tosca Reno she has great recipes. 


    I workout 6 times a week. I do P90X as well I run 4 times a week. All this if DD naps long enough for me. ;) GL I hope you can find something that works for you. 

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  • I have been struggling too!  I am determined to get back to exercise this week.  I am throwing out all the junk food in the house on trash day (Tuesday).  Let's do it!  We will feel so much better.
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  • The sample menus some of the other posters listed look great.  My advice would be to make sure you are eating enough protein to fill you up and make that feeling last.  You should be consuming at least half your weight in protein (i.e. 150 pound woman should consume at least 75g protein/day).

    I love Laughing Cow cheese wedges with turkey pepperoni for snacks and protein shakes (EAS Carb Control AdvantEDGE) for breakfast.

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