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How are things going w/your H now that the deployment date is set?
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Re: Bredin's Wife

  • meh...They were better, then his Mom got here. She is like the same as him. They both just sit on the couch watching CSI re-runs... Like from the day before. We have watched the same CSI like 3 times now! She also encourages his bull sh!t, like she is proud of him for being such a great Daddy, and I'm really confused about what she thinks is "great". But it's only making him feel better about the craptastic job he is doing. I'm at my wits end with her being here and she will be here for another whole week! Angry
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  • Ugh. That's awful. It's pretty obvious where he gets it.

    On the plus side you know your mom is helpful and you have that to look forward too. Hopefully your H being away helps your relationship. I really think if mine went away it would help. I've seriously been considering asking him to stay at his moms for a week or so because I might like him more then. Last night he decided when he got home was a great time to have a [email protected] convo about pacifiers. First time in days I've actually been asleep and he wakes me up.

    I hope things get better w your MIL before she leave. Like now would be great for you


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