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DH is learning something...

@ our natural childbirth education classes. We've only had two, but he's already thinking more critically about hospital and medical conventions.

Our friends have a three month old, and she followed convention and had the induction, morphine, epidural, separation after the birth for 'necessary' procedures, etc. She had troubles breastfeeding and we learned recently that she has PPD. DH and I babysat on Saturday and on Sunday he wanted to discuss with me why LO was so fussy, and why he had troubles BFing, and her PPD and asked if I thought it had anything to do with the medical intervention. I agreed that I wondered, but it's impossible to know for sure. But I am so proud of him for actually learning something at our classes and thinking critically about interventions. :)


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Re: DH is learning something...

  • Nice!  I wish my DH would act like he was halfway interested but he's really not, lol.  He thinks it's pretty much my thing and he just does whatever.  Ugh.
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  • That's great!  My DH became very passionate about this after watching "The Business of Being Born" and even more so after we took our hypnobirthing classes.  He now says he never wants me seeing an OB unless I was high-risk.
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