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Medela Freestyle users- replacing parts?

I have a Medela Freestyle that I've been using for 4 months. It used to do a really good job, but now it just seems to only get a little out. Do you need to replace the parts, if so, which ones? Have you noticed that you are getting less?
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Re: Medela Freestyle users- replacing parts?

  • I do get less.  I think it may be supply related but not sure.  I am considering new membranes.  Target has them.  I would like to get new tubing but that might be excessive.  I doubt that it is leaking otherwise I don't think it would work at all.  I do rotate between 2 sets of membranes. 
  • I have the replacement parts packet with extra membranes so I rotate out.  I haven't experienced a reduction in supply though.  Your hospital should be able to test pump suction and medela has replaced my tubing/ membranes once for free so you could call them up as well.
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  • for the FS you have to buy a whole new set of shields they don't sell the membranes only !  I notice sometimes if I don't put it together quite right that affects my output.  after being home on the weekends or with DD for a while and only nursing I notice my supply is regulated or just not as responsive to the pump.  I've never replaced the tubing but I have replaced my shields/membranes.  When I went back to work I got a 2nd pair to rotate and then I got a new pair around 7 months and those have been working well so far.
  • in my nearly two years pumping with the freestyle, i had to replace my shields twice and membranes once (of course you have to buy the whole assembly...).  by the end of my pumping time, i noticed that the battery was being kind of iffy too, so i'll need to get a new one of those before i start pumping for baby #2.


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  • I had three sets of cones/ membranes that I rotated between just because always having to wash them was making me crazy. I pumped for over a year at work 2-4 times per day M-F and never replaced anything or had any problems. The only time I did was when I wouldn't pay attention and the line had a kink where it connected to the actual pump. That was human error though. I know that Target and BRU have parts. 
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