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feeling rejected

I was hoping breast feeding would be easier this time around with a third child... but just like the others my breasts are being rejected.  I can usually get my son (12 weeks old) to latch on for his middle of the night feedings but during the day he just refuses and screams... I've tried to be patient and try try try for up to a half an hour, but when he just gets so worked up and upset I don't want to push the issue any longer.  Both of my daughters began rejecting me around the same age and I'm wondering if I should find a better bottle to use when he is being fed the pumped milk and formula?  I've always used Dr.Browns bottles because I like how it pulls the air away reducing the colic type symptoms... but I'm thinking it might just be the long, firm silicone nipple that gives instant gratification may be my problem.  Any ideas or suggestions? 

Re: feeling rejected

  • Ugh I had this happen.  It is actually good you posted this because it makes me appreciate now that it has since resolved itself.  It was when DD started using a bottle that this happened and then with some persistence DD now does both bottle and breast.  I don't know which bottle is best, but I do know that some people have a special method of bottle feeding that mimics the breast.  There was no way I could do that as my day care provider wouldn't go for it, but I was able to get DD to do both.

    One of the things I did was always offer breast when I could.  I think it was my let down that DD struggled with even though it was fairly quick.  What would happen at these times though is that DD would get frustrated and then I would tense up and then my let down would not happen and the cycle would continue and I would be in tears and DD would be hungry and frustrated.  It helped me to say to myself that if DD does not latch we will figure it out, by giving a bottle and my pumping or whatever works for you.  This helped me chill a little and helped my let down.  Sometimes, although I have to say other times I still lost it and just got frustrated and wound up pumping. 

    Another great tool for me was a nipple guard.  This 'tricked' DD into thinking she was getting a bottle.  She would latch on and keep sucking now knowing the difference.  Then once let down happened I would literally knock the nipple guard off right mid sucking and she would latch right onto the breast.  This helped us get through some tough days, especially if she was at day care all day getting bottles and in the evening when my supply was low.  They are only a few bucks and well worth it.  We have since not had to use it, so I don't want you to think you will need it forever, but it was a great help for us for that short term. 

    Good luck to you and hang in there!  You are doing a great job!

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