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Completely Natural Birth!!

On January 25th around 11pm I started feeling some discomfort/cramping at the top of my uterus. I figured that since my LO had been very active that day that I was just sore because of that so I tried to go to sleep but laid in bed for an hour and they just kept getting worse. I was finally able to get some sleep until 3am when I woke up with more consistent cramping in my lower abdomen so I started timing them. They were a minute long but went 2, 4, 3 minutes apart in that order for almost 45 minutes which made me think that it was just false labor but I woke my DH up anyway and we decided that I should call my midwife, she said that it sounded like I was in labor and to try and rest and sleep. I knew that sleep was not going to happen at this point anymore, I took a bath and started getting things ready to go to my friends house which had a better bath and was closer to my birthing center. After my mom came from her house it was 6am and we left right after. When I got to my friend?s house (who I had helped her in her natural birth center delivery of her LO just 9 days earlier) I immediately got into her bathtub and my mom, friend and DH rotated in supporting me for the next couple of hours. When my contractions had gotten up to an 8-9 in pain level I checked myself and my cervix was very low, so I decided I wanted to go into the birth center and get settled in there. When we got there at 10-10:30am my MW checked me and I was only 5 cm dilated which really upset me, I thought I would be a lot more dilated then that so in my next contraction my MW helped stretch me to 7 cm and I went right back into the bathtub. During the next hour and a half I labored in the bathtub and was able to even sleep in between contractions, eat a nature valley bar and get plenty of water. When I went into transition stage (which I didn?t realize that that was what was happening) I couldn?t labor in the bathtub anymore and needed to walk around, I had gotten in the bed and had the worst contraction of my whole labor and my water broke but was checked again and I was only 8 cm dilated which frustrated me again. At this point I had to stand up and move my hips to cope with the contractions, they were definitely a 10 on my pain scale at that point and I started getting the urge to push. My MW was in another room checking on another woman in labor and I kept trying to not push, I was scared that I would tear something being only 8 cm dilated but with every contraction my body naturally was pushing and it took everything in me to try and stop it, my friend was holding me up because I couldn?t keep myself up but the MW came in a minute later and my DH switched with my friend in holding me up (keep in mind, she was only 9 days PP and was holding ME up!! Such an amazing friend) and I was checked again, 10 cm dilated and as soon as my next contraction came I started pushing. In the 6 minutes I pushed it seemed like time stood still, I remember my DH holding me up and saying the sweetest things in my ear and my friend and mother holding each of my hands as I squatted next to the bed and the MW watched. I remember looking down and seeing her head come out and then I gave one more long push and she was out and immediately in my arms. I started crying, looked up at my DH and he was crying and then everyone in the room was crying. I remember the thing I was most scared about for my labor was the pushing part and the ?ring of fire? but that was the time I felt like I was most at zen.
I labored for 12 ? hours and had a 8lbs, 20 inches baby girl completely natural. My cervix did tear a little bit but I didn?t need stitches and now 3 days PP I have been able to get up and move around just slower than normal, my bleeding is not bad and my DD is very healthy and doing great. For those of you who are thinking about doing it naturally I recommend it completely, it was the most empowering thing I have ever experienced. Good luck to everyone!

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  • Woohoo!! Great story! Congratulations.  Sounds perfect! 
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  • What a great story! So inspirational! Thanks for sharing!!
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  • Wonderful story congrats!!!!
  • awesome :D
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  • Congratulations!
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