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is it too early to want another?

It's like the hot topic with our family and friends lately...the big question "when are you going to have another?"  I'm secretly thinking when Dylan is a year we might start trying again.  How far apart are your LOs?  How long until you started trying for a second?

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Re: is it too early to want another?

  • It's so funny you ask! My DD is 11 months old and the closer she gets to 1, the more I want another. People asked a few months ago when we were going to have another...and my response was "another what?" LOL! But, everyone was right, I am definitely starting to get the baby itch...especially now that DD is a toddler walking all over the place! She hardly lets me hold her anymore. :( I think we may TTC this summer, so they will be 2 years apart...I was thinking between 2-3 years would be good for us! 

  • Mine are 18 months apart
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  • *points to siggy* LOL.

  • Nope! But honestly if I had wait to start trying until now I wouldn't want another yet! Jocelyn is ALL over the place and has to be kept busy 24/7. We started trying when she was 9 months but it took until she was 18m for me to get pregnant, and now I am SO glad it took that long. She will be 27m when the baby is born, and I think that will be so much easier. She can go to a big girl bed, she can play more independently, she can communicate much better, and tell me what she needs, wants, and she can go to preschool now 2 days a week which will give me a break. It is hard entertaining her for 12 hours a day and I can't imagine doing it with a newborn if she was any younger.



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  • Our girls are 18 mo. apart.  We planned it that way -- had hoped for 18 to 24 mo apart.  I got pg the first cycle trying (which actually shocked me since it took longer with DD#1).  If we have a 3rd, they'll obviously not be 18 mo. apart now (given I'm not pg :), but somewhere around 2 yrs or so apart would be ideal. 

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  • Mine will be 26 months apart and we started TTC when R was 14 months.  The baby fever hit around 12-13 months.  It was overnight for me.  One day I wasn't sure about when we'd have #2 and the next day, I was very ready to start TTC.  We're going to "try" to have her a big girl bed and PT'd by the time #2 gets here and I think that'll help greatly. 

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  • There's not one "right" answer to this. :-)

    Some people want their kids close together, as many have posted here. So no--you're not crazy! hehe.  I personally can't imagine having a newborn with my 2 year old right now, and just want to enjoy her by herself for awhile longer. I think our plan is to try when she's about 3. But this changes. LOL.

    But--everyone is different!

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  • I probably could have written this post word for word! But since DH is in grad school, I know this wouldn't be the time to TTC #2. So probably next May when DH finishes, we'll try then! That would put them two and half to three years apart. It would also give us time to enjoy Conner and all the stages he'll go through!
  • I went back to the RE the week after DD1's 2nd birthday.  My sister and I are 26 months apart, and I knew I wanted mine to be closer to 3 years.  We got 3 years and 17 days!
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  • I'm right there with you!  I'm secretly thinking I'd like to start TTC #2 when DS is 9 mos, but DH isn't convinced we should even have #2.  I've been told we can re-open the discussion when DS turns 6 months.
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  • It is whenever it feels right for you.  So I don't think it is too early for you.  As for me, I could not think another child when Nic was 5 months.  I'm truly enjoying Nicolas at this age and could not imagine another one in the mix.  I think we'll eventually have another baby but DH and I are not ready yet.  Maybe in a year. 
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