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Dumb Questions inside

I am just trying to figure out if when I bring the baby home in June, he will need a little hat? I don't want him to sweat to death, but I would also like one of those cute little wool caps for him. I figure since they need to warm it is fine, but I didn't know if wool was overboard?

Also, I cannot for the life of me figure out what something is called, I was told I could get like an infant insert thing to go in my stroller (looking at the City Mini Double), and I don't know what those things are called, so I have no idea what to google to look. Anyone have any idea? I think it is like a padding with a head roll or something??




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Re: Dumb Questions inside

  • I can see myself using a crocheted (wool would prob be fine too) hat on my LO when I take him/her home in June.  As long as they're in the AC, I would think it's alright.  But I probably wouldn't use it outside b/c of the heat.  If this summer is anything like last summer, it'll be HOT when we take our LO home.  I'll probably put it on #2 for photo ops : )

    I have no answer on the stroller insert.  I'm still trying to figure out what kind of stroller I want/need when my #2 gets here.


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  • Maybe it's just because I personally am hot natured, but I'd probably only put a sun hat, or lightweight cap (like the cotton Gerber ones) on a baby in June. Or maybe a lightweight cotton crocheted one. Wool sounds...hot.

    Is something like this what your'e talking about for the stroller?

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  • Ok, I guess I didn't mean wool, I meant one of those crocheted ones.  I have no clue what yarn is made of! I just imagined it to be wool, so if it is not then that is even better, I saw some cute ones on Etsy.

    Yes, a Snuzzler, I could not for the life of me remember what the word was!! Thanks!




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  • When DS was born (in July) he had a crocheted hat - at the hospital that is.  It was perfect for him.  I will admit I didn't use hats very often, but those light weight gerber ones were good when we were out in the sun. 
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  • Liam came home on June 1, and we just used a thin cotton hat on him.  He didn't wear many hats as an infant, just lightweight cotton ones if it was chilly and at night.
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