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Anyone else have/had a small baby?

Conner is nine months and only weighs 14 pounds (He was born at 7.6 lbs).  We go back in four weeks for another weight week.  The pedi said if he doesn't gain weight, then they are going to run some tests.  My sister has me worried now because she said they'll label him as failure to thrive, run labs, endoscopy, colonscopy, test for CF, etc. 

The pedi didn't tell me to start supplementing though.  I want him to gain weight through within the next four weeks, so if you supplemented what did you use?  What solid foods did you feed your nine month old and how often?  Should I add formula or cereal to the BM?  Currently he is BF, we given him solids three times a day with snacks in between.

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  • My DS was 16 pounds at 9 months (so a lil bigger then your DS but was still low on the growth charts) but my doctor was never too worried that he was low on the charts because he was growing on his own growth curve. You know him best! If he's growing and meeeting his milestones he might just be a lil guy. My DS has always eaten a ton and just burned it off quickly I guess. I wouldn't add rice cereal to his bm but id def. add some to his solids if u arent already. Good luck!
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  • I wouldn't start adding cereal to his BM, or supplement with formula. I think at 9 months we were nursing 4ish times a day, and having 2 meals a day. He was eating things like pancakes, pasta, cheerios, grilled cheese, yogurt and also baby food. I would (and still do) add baby oatmeal to his yogurt to get some extra grains in him and keep him from being hungry overnight. Maybe that would help. GL!
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  • Nic is a small guy too and I always worry about him not gaining weight.  Hopefully it is nothing but having test ran is not a bad idea.  If it is something then you'll know.  Like I said I hope it is nothing.  and as for high calorie stuff, whole fat yogurt, cheese are a few I can think of.
  • Kira was tiny early on, gained a bunch between 2-6 months such that she was 15 lbs at 6 months, but she was 16.5 lbs. from 8-16 months...stuck for 8 months!

    I knew in my Mommy gut that she was eating more than enough, plus she started crawling right at 9 mo and was walking before 11 mo...burning a ton of calories.  I was just sure to feed her plenty of healthy oils to add calories (avocado, flax oil, etc.) and other dense foods as compared to too many empty carbs, you know?  Once she hit 16 months, she started gaining nearly a pound a month for a while.  She was back up on the growth chart at 23 lbs at 2 years and she is currently doing just fine at 29 lbs at 3 years.

    She just has a quick metabolism, lucky girl!

    Meanwhile my 7 week old weighs 12 lbs, as much as Kira did at 3.5 months, and that was with Elena coming 2.5 weeks early, and comparing to Kira *after* she had finally started packing it on!

    Babies are all different. :)

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