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I hate due dates!

As mine quickly approaches (Tuesday), I start getting more nervous that the child isn't going to come on her own. I have until 42 weeks, so there is leeway, for sure, but I don't want to start having NSTs and such. I just want her to come! I have signs each and every day that the time is coming, but I am not feeling very trusting in my body at this point. As in, I just feel like it's not even possible that she is ABLE to make her own way out.

I went into labor with DD1, was contracting every 5 minutes for about 12 hours, not super painful at all. Went into the hospital and was only 2/3. Ended up with a section very shortly thereafter. So now I question, would my body have ever progressed past there? Does it even know what to do? Or was that as much as I ever would have gotten?

Is it normal to be so questioning at this point? I guess I just feel the clock ticking now...

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Re: I hate due dates!

  • I am sorry your guess date is surrounded with so much tension and worry! I would work on positive affirmations for yourself - your body is nourishing your baby and your baby will arrive at the perfect time. Your body will do exactly what it should do, and you can count on your body. I have been listening to the hypnobabies affirmations CD and it has been very helpful for me as I am pregnant for the first time.
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  • I'm not there yet, but I could see myself in the same place mentally at that point.  I know it's pretty late in the game, but have you read Birthing From Within?  My doula suggested it to me in preparation for my VBAC b/c of some of the things I was saying/worrying about at our last meeting.  Haven't picked up the book yet, so I can't comment on it though. 

    I would just start reading some positive "post" EDD VBAC stories to get myself pumped and to remind myself that your current pregnancy is NOT your last one.   GL!

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  • DD's guess date was 4-27. The night of 4-26 (Sunday night) there was NO!!!! indication of anything happening anytime soon. I planned to go to work as usual. I woke up at 3 am sure I needed to go to the bathroom. After 3 hours of trying to 'go to the bathroom' DH finally convinced me that it probably wasn't what I thought it was, and that it was probably time to get to the hospital. He was right. 

    I had NO notice before that. She hadn't 'dropped' like people say, I'd never had any BH contractions, I had no twinges of anything going on in there...and  then ........BAM!   Hello Baby!

    It can be nerve wracking, but hang in. You are almost there! 

  • Maybe to ease your mind about not progressing, you could research Natural Alignment Plateau. We talk about it in Bradley class. The "average" woman dilates 1 cm an hour. But many women dilate, then plateau, and then quickly reach 10 cms. It may make you feel better about "not progressing" before. 
  • I think it's normal - I've been having extra nerves/doubts getting so close.

    That said, relax! :)  You can do this!!  Your body will go into labor. I'd take time out from your day and maybe work on just focusing on the fact that your body knows what it's doing - that you and your baby will work together to make this birth happen.  I actually plan on trying to do some meditation (well, whatever I can do that is close to meditation) on those subjects in the next week or two.  It's so easy to focus on the doubts, and they can hold you back.  You went into labor with your first DD, and you will with this one, too!  

    As for progressing - I'm sure you would have progressed farther.  Some women have really long labors (my aunt had 48 hr labors), and especially if your 12 hours wasn't really hard, you may just be someone who has a longer first stage of labor.  With your second it should go a bit faster!  You can do this!!!!


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  • ::hugs:: I'm really sorry.  I know how that feels.  I have the same worries this time around.  I NEVER went into labor on my own with DS and I went all the way up to 41/6!  I keep trying to remind myself to just relax and know that my body will cooperate this time.  It better! lol  Good luck to you.
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