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pg comments/vent...

just gotta get this out... i know it comes with the territory bc i went through the same thing when i was pg w/ds... but the things that come out of people's mouths when you're pg and they think it's okay to ask just really astonish me! 

prime example:  how much weight have you gained?!

ARGH!!  i mean really??!!  when is it ever ok to ask someone this??  um.. never!  so why when you're pg is it suddenly ok to ask this? unless you're my mother, keep your mouth shut!  i'm already self conscious of my growing belly and you're not helping!  

adding to this, is the constant, and i mean CONSTANT remarks about how i must be carrying twins.   bc i wasn't near this big at this point w/ds.  thanks MIL.  THANKS! 

i actually haven't even really gained any weight, but have a very obvious bump. and i'm not ashamed of it or anything, but its really getting on my nerves the constant comments about my weight or how i must be carrying twins.  and she just doesn't get it. 

dh said i just need to say back to her when she asks me ab my weight how much weight has she gained bwahahaha!  but i'm chicken and could never do it. 

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Re: pg comments/vent...

  • I had a coworker who was pg at the same time as me, due about 2 months earlier.  She would ALWAYS ask me how much weight I had gained (I guess to compare?!?).  She was smaller and gained more weight than I did (I didn't need nearly as much she was so mad when she realized she had gained more than me.  Whatever.  She's also now comparing our babies weights.  Dylan is about 17 pounds (like 60something percentile-not an abnormally large baby at all) and she shrugged her shoulders at me and said "well when the parents are both big" jaw dropped!!!  Alan is like 150lbs and I am not the skinniest thing but geez lady.  She's never even met my husband.  I stopped listening but I guess her baby is like in the 30s for percentile in weight.  people are just ridiculous.  At first I thought it was cultural (she's Indian) but none of my other coworkers of her same background acted that way toward me. 

    My most favorite comment I got while pg was from an older waitress at Outback.  I was at one of those tables where one side is a booth and the other is chairs.  I was 9 months pregnant and getting up at the end of my meal from the booth side and I struggled a little and Alan had to help me.  She looks at me and laughs and says "wow that was almost too funny to watch".  ugh.  biotch.  I still see that waitress and give her the secret evil

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  • In their defense I am actually recently guilty of telling someone something that was just weird and I am sure she was like "WHAT, really???  Did you really just say that???"  and I know better.  (someone on this board at that :) )

    I think sometimes you think it comes off one way and it doesn't occur to you how someone else may interpret it until it is too late.

    The weight comment though is never acceptable :)  We all know better than that!

    My sweet boy :)
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