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How old were your boys when they PT?

Are we the only ones left with the 08' boy babies that haven't yet? I just don't think Jackson is ready. He doesn't ever tell me he is wet. I don't think he pays enough attention to it yet. He goes on the potty serveral times a day and before bed every  night but, rarely on his own. Hmmm, maybe we just need to break down and do the weekend bootcamp Myra gave me. I am so ready to be done with diapers but, not wanting to push if it isn't time. 

Re: How old were your boys when they PT?

  • You know, Geneva never gave me any indication that she was ready to train. She never complained about being wet or poopy. We had been sitting her on the toilet for fun and then she started fighting us on it. We just picked a long weekend and decided to try. Turns out she was ready to go (so to speak, LOL).
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  • Ethan was potty trained by 2 1/2.  I have to thank his daycare teacher for training him.  She was on the ball with it and worked with him and got him trained.  We just continued it during the evenings and weekends.  We were so fortunate with Ethan because he was easy to train.

    Jack, on the other hand, I believe will be more difficult.  He turned 2 and November and I know he's still young, but he will come tell me everytime he wets and poops in his diaper.  I've been working with him and sitting him on his potty and he'll tell me that he has pooped or peed, but he's just fibbing.  We've also tried using the actual toilet with him (this is how Ethan was trained) but he acts very scared.  His daycare teacher is working with him, but I don't believe she is as strict about it as Ethan's teacher was. 

    So, at this point, we aren't rushing it, but just taking our time.  I'm hoping that we can have him trained by summer.

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  • William started showing interest at 2 and was fully potty trained by 2 1/2 years. I think this was possible because of daycare. I heard boys takes sometime to potty train. William kinda got interested when we started reading the Elmo Potty book.
  • Jett was born in August 08, and I was lazy (we had a huge Disney trip in December) and didn't push until the beginning of the year.  The week of being confined to the house due to snow worked out perfectly and I just started putting him in underwear that week.  After a few accidents he caught on, and thankfully my mom came to visit that weekend and he does anything she says.  He was pretty much completely set after that.  He will be 2.5 in Feb.  I only pushed now because I am due with another in May, and I didn't want to be going through potty training with a newborn.

    Before that he wouldn't really tell me if he was wet, but has always made a big deal about needing to "work on it" (poop).  So that part was easy.

  • Gavin was 2.5.  He wasn't giving us any indication of when he was wet or dirty.  He had gone on the potty at school a couple times so I knew he could do it.  But Gavin has speech delays and just isn't the type to do it on his own.  I knew I would have to initiate it no matter when we decided to do it.  His old daycare wasn't being consistent at all and I knew I would have to take matters into my own hands to get it done.  The 3 day PT did teach him the basics and we did throw away the diapers at that point.  We do consider it a success but I always warn people that you need to have realistic expectations- they are still going to have accidents.  He switched schools soon after we did it and they really helped him master the skills.  He still had occasional accidents (usually poop) up until Sophie was born but I considered him 95% potty trained by that time.  

    But then all hell broke loose.  December was complete chaos for us- Sophie was born, he missed 2 weeks of school b/c he was staying with his grandparents.  Then he got back to back illnesses which kept him out for another week and then school was closed the last week of December for the holidays.  Then snowmageddon.  So we have just gone through the regression to end all regressions!  He is starting to get back into it now.  He's in big boy pants at daycare and having zero problems (knock on wood).  We are still doing pull ups at home b/c he seems to be saving poops for here, but more and more, he is keeping it dry (including night time).  But he is not telling us he needs to go anymore.  So until we get back from disney next week, he's staying in pull ups.  Then I will probably try to do a modified boot camp again and see if we can make it stick!






  • I would not rush them.  My '07 little boy was not fully PT'd until December of this year.  He was PT'd during the day by 3 years and 3 months, fully trained at night by 3.5.
  • Harrison was 3 before he was fully daytime trained....3.5 until nighttime. 
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  • Easton will be 3 at the end of April, he is no where near ready and I am not pushing it. I feel like he is a smart little boy and I will know when he is ready to train without it being a battle.
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  • Finn will be 3 in less than 2 weeks and is really just getting PTed. I still put him in pullups when we go out, and he still has some accidents at home, and never, ever poops in the potty. I was stressed out about it but realized that, in my circle, more people PT boys closer to 3 than it seems people do on here.
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  • I have been so surprised with the early PT'ers on this board, mostly because everyone I know didn't try with their boys until closer to their 3rd birthdays or the ones who tried sooner ended up going insane in the process.  that being said we didn't start Finn until about 3 months before his 3rd birthday and it was an easy process.  there were hardly ever any accidents and we never had to lock ourselves in our house, because frankly that alone would have driven me insane.  so like a month before his 3rd birthday he was day time trained and then it didn't take long after he was trained at night.  don't force it.
  • I was lucky that my boys were easy. Grant was PT'd at 2 years 4 months, and Reid was PT'd at 2 years 2 months.
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  •   He wore underwear during the day at 2 but would only poop in his diaper at naptime.  john was fully PT by 2.5.  including nights and naps.
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