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Need favorite Husband Gifts

and by that I mean, my husband is impossible, wants nothing, tells me nothing and his damn birthday is Friday, sooooooo, what are some of the favorites your hubby's got recently?

Re: Need favorite Husband Gifts

  • Golf things, a massage, nice sushi dinner. Glad mine isn't the only one hard to buy for. 
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  • My husband was easily impressed by some cool new running clothes and a Garmin Forerunner 405CX.

    Also, if I turned him loose with $200 and an unlimited amount of time in Criminal Records, I'd be his hero.

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  • my husband wants oodles of stuff but is pretty specific about what he wants so it is hard to run with a hint or off the cuff mention. i have found "experiences" go over well though - concert tickets, a season pass to six flags and a day off to go with his buddies, and dinners at wish list places. as for stuff...

    - if he likes to make stuff or is a science nerd i love 'make magazine',

    - if he is outdoorsy i like those really expensive wool socks and a nice water bottle

    - if he is a reader a barnes and nobles frequent buyers membership card and gift card (if you are a member and order online you get a great discount, usually free shipping, and my husband loves coming home to a box of books)

    - yard nerd? trees are a great gift. i owe the hubby two apple trees and we have an "anniverser-tree" planted in the front yard.

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  • I too think trees are a nice gift.  I gave DH one for Valentine's day 3 years ago and he loved it.

    LL Bean slippers, concert tickets, a dinner at Bern's Steakhouse (in Tampa)


  • I just said to my husband, "Hey, if it was your birthday what would youuu-SH!T!! It IS your birthday next week!?!?"  oops.  Thanks for the reminder.

    Some of my husbs favorites are a flask, an organizer for all of his charger cords, and I got him a bottle of Jameson, Creme de Menthe, Whipped Cream, Coffee and some cool mugs to make his fav, Irish Coffee.  Also a watch winder, new sunglasses and socks and underwear are always appreciated. 

  • Rounds of golf.
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  • for part of his bday present, I went to Hop City and told the guy a few beers that he likes, and he picked out 3-4 new fun ones.  He really liked that because, well, he likes beer.

    I got him a smoker for Christmas, and he is enjoying it so far.

    Usually I am in your boat though and have no clue what to buy him.  He's more into the "thought" than the actual gift though because he doesn't really want anything. 

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  • DH bought himself a Big Green Egg last fall so recent gifts have involved accessories for that (of which there are a lot).  I got crystal decanters to sit on the bar one year.  Experience gifts are good too.  I planned a surprise wknd to Asheville once and we did the Christmas Biltmore tour.  The St. Regis in Buckhead is nice and has locals only discounts if you want to do an intown date night.
  • Was it someone on here that bought their DH and a small group of his friends tickets to a game or something and surprised him with a night out?  I think that would be cool. 
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  • A round of golf at a nice course, Falcons tickets (or other appropriate sporting event), new video game, clothes.
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  • For DH's birthday, his parents got him a Slingbox

    and I got him a baseball documentary dvd set

    He's enjoyed both so much. He takes both with him when he travels. Its great!

    Other ideas: tickets to a comedy show (DH's favorite is George Lopez who is coming in March, I think. also, Jerry Seinfeld is coming sometime soon as well).




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  • DH loves his Apple TV since he can play music and videos wirelessly from his iPhone and it is also great for Netflix.
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  • I got DH a Living Social deal to do a 3 hour driving experience at the Atlanta Motor Speedway with some neighbors, they are all super-excited about it! 

    Also he got Merrell shoes for Christmas, a fire bowl for outside, or games for his PS3. 

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  • I got nico an iPod touch for his birthday since he didn't need an iPhone. He was completely surprised and loved it. Isn't it someone on this board who says the best gift for dh is a steak and a bj? You can't lose with that.
  • Logitech Harmony ONe all in one remote...weird I know...but he loved it!
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