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my H is on deployment and his truck isnt working for our family anymore.  its a single cab pick up.  im using our tax returns to pay the loan down, so i can sell it and not owe anything on it after it is bought.  this is a mutual decision, im not going behind his back.  we thought about keeping it, but he is in VA and it just costs to much to run it back and forth from here to there.   we cant put our kids in it, and i have no clue why he bought it.  he also has the option to buy a differant car when he gets back from deployment. 

i have a POA for his bank accounts/loans and a general one.  do i have the power to sell his truck?  im worried the bank will have a fit if i try to sell it without him or his signature.  im paying off the loan so they wont be worrying about the loan going into collections or anything.  anyone have expirience with this or something like this? 

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Re: POA ?

  • If you are paying off the loan, then you will receive the title. For the vehicle to be sold, he needs to sign the title. As to if you can sign the title for his with a POA, I *think* it depends on the laws in that state, I honestly don't know. Look on the website for your county/state and see what the rules are regarding selling a vehicle.

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  • Before DH deployed, we got a specific POA specifying that I could make all decision regarding all vehicles we own and each vehicle, VIN & plate # are specified on it to ensure no issues if something should arise.
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  • While my husband was deployed last year, I sold his car for him using a general POA.  I signed his name on the title, not mine.  I just made sure all the dates of sale fell between the dates on the POA.  Worked fine for us.  Not sure if it varies depending on state, but this was in Texas.
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  • Unless your POA is limited, you have all legal authority to act as him. You can buy or sell a vehicle in his name. That is why it is VERY important to trust the person you give that much power to.
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  • i sold my husband's boat and motorcycle on his last deployment using a general POA. (at his request of course). That was in TX, but I just signed his name. I think technically you are supposed to sign "'your name', attorney in fact for 'his name"" at least that's what I had to sign on every page when I bought a house while he was gone. Good luck. it should be fine. Like others said, if you pay off the loan, you will receive the title. Then all you have to do is sign the title and give to buyer...i doubt they will care!
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