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Montessori program...thoughts?

So, we applied the girls to the local public school pre-k montessori program.  And I'll be honest and say the main thing that attracted us to this is the fact that its through the school system and it would be free.  Plus, if it turns out to be a good fit for them they would already be in and would just stay in the same class for kindergarten next year.  I'm just curious if anyone has any experience or thoughts on the montessori program? 

Re: Montessori program...thoughts?

  • I dont have personal experience with a public school montessori program but I'm sure its very similar to that of a regular Montessori Program. My stepson was in Montessori from Age three thru 1st grade but then for quite a few reasons we ended up moving him to public school (and they weren't really reasons related to a montessori program) and Jack will more then likely be going to Montessori for at least preschool as well, as my MIL works at the one that is less then a mile from our house. The montessori program really builds on individual work and allowing the children to work at their pace and on their individual "works" and also its a multi age class usually and they def. benefit from learning from one another. I know thats not really an elaborate description but a basic overview and I would def. say I support the Montessori way of teaching. Before I met DH I had never heard of it but with his mom working there I've learned quite a bit over time. Good LUck!

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  • I'm SO jealous that you have a free Montessori option at all!  Kira is at a Montesoori school and I absolutely adore it.  I'd do just about anything to get her into one, but a FREE one?  Sign me up!

    I love that it's self-paced and builds *authentic* self-esteem.  They learn so much about respect as well.  (That is, of course, assuming it's a quality program; in theory anyone can say they're a Montessori school. ;))

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  • Montessori programs are great.  However if you don't continue montessori education, public school can be quite a shock to a child.  I have a child in my first grade class currently that skipped  kindergarten.  She came right in from montessori and public school has been hard for her.  She was use to choosing what she wanted to do and even being able to say no to things.  Her first 8 weeks or so were hard....and she still is adjusting.


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  • Natalie will be attending Montessori preschool in the fall (and Claire will follow).  They will both be in Montessori until kindergarten.  We decided to go the Montessori route for the reasons written above.  My nephew also went to montessori and did great.  He didn't have any problems transitioning to public school.

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  • Holly's DC is a Montessori school. We didn't specifically seek that environment out; it is the on-site DC at DH's work, and we'd always planned to use that center for convenience reasons. I admit I didn't know a ton about the philosophy when we went into it.

    I have grown to really, really like it. I love that it fosters independence and self-learning. It's amazing to me the things that they learn from this kind of environment. From day one, we've been pretty blown away.

    I think there are varying degrees of Montessori practice, and I'd say ours is somewhere in the middle of the road (for example hardcore Montessori schools don't use any plastic toys--Holly's has plenty--mixed with many wooden and other natural material toys as is part of the Montessori way. Also, they don't have mixed-age classes like many Mont. schools do). Like alchris says, any school can "claim" to be Montessori, so it's important to get an understanding of the school's true environment and philosophy and see how it meshes with your parenting style, beliefs, etc. 

    We try to integrate Montessori principles at home when we can, primarily to instill a sense of order in our home. I feel like this has been a real benefit for Holly.  She will enter their pre-school next year, until Kindergarten. She will go to public school for Kindergarden and thereafter (until we win the lottery. hehe)

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  • My MIL teaches at a Montessori school in the DC area and she bought us a book about it.  (hinting much?) lol.  I guess I'll have to read it to truly understand what it's all about.  Interesting to hear what you all had to say about it.  Thanks! 

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