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anybody have Dr.Coulmb from Portsmith RI as Dr?

Pretty sure I buttered her name-but she is going to be my new dr. I was wondering how she is??? Can you let me know? Thanks!

Re: anybody have Dr.Coulmb from Portsmith RI as Dr?

  • I don't usually post on this board, but I have Dr. Coloumbe, and I love her! She's very relaxed and comfortable, but has a lot of energy. I've only been to her twice, but both times she has been great, and her nurse/right hand gal Marilyn is great as well. So far in my experiences, I would definitely recommend her!
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  • I have her as well and really like her and have several friends that used her during their recent pregnancies. For the most part she has gotten rave reviews. I also agree that Marilyn is great. Just remember that if you go to Newport Hospital you get who ever is on call for your delivery. I don't know anyone that had her for their actual delivery. Good Luck!

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  • I have her and absolutely love her.
  • So you have whoever is on call? Like if she is not there then you have whoever is...? This is diapointing news...Maybe I should get a family dr. and go with someone who will give me care and deliver me as well...-Clarissa
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