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D&C scheduled for Thursday

Yesterday the Dr still could not be 100% so he said to give it another week.  So I will have an U/S right away in the morning and then if no change from the last 2 weeks I will have a D&C.  I should be 11 weeks and he measured it at 6 weeks with no heartbeat but he is still not convinced that this is not a viable pregnancy.  I am not getting my hopes up especially with the dates being so far off. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions these last couple of weeks. 

We have pretty much accepted everything (if you can call it that) and went ahead and scheduled the D&C he still gave me a prescription for the pills and he said to bring them with to the appt and he would insert them after the U/S if the result is indeed a miscarriage and then hold them in place with a tampon.  He said it softens the cervix and makes the procedure easiser-is this what everyone else did?  My DH and I both think it is odd.

Re: D&C scheduled for Thursday

  • I am so sorry for your loss.  A lot of diff docs have diff methods that work for them.  Personally I haven't heard about putting in the pill prior to the D&C to help with the procedure, but that doesn't mean it won't help.  Either way, I hope it works and that the procedure goes well, or as well as things can go given the circumstances... I am so sorry you have to go through this and I pray you can find peace with the diagnosis, procedure and the whole situation.  My T&P's will be with you.
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  • I wound up with an emergency D&C because the m/c started on it's own 3 days before my scheduled D&C.  

    However, with my doctor, she was going to do the medication for my cervix, the day prior to the scheduled procedure.   From what she explained to me, it helps decrease the risk of complications and any damage to your cervix.  

     When my m/c started on it's own, my cervix completely dilated on it's own so there was no need for any medication like that when I had the procedure done.

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  • I haven't heard of using the pill before the d&c, but it seems logical. The only thing is that my doctors stated that the pill would also induce very strong cramping. I don't know if the pill you're discussing is the same as the one my doctors were.  When they did my d&e they said that they would open the cervix with a series of instruments that had like a ball at the end.  Gradually increasing the size.  Mine had already started to dilate though so I don't think they had to do much to help that along. 

    As far as the wait to see, even if you have the tiniest hope, it's awful.  You're living in limbo. I was making all sorts of bargains in my head.  For me there was a big lag from when we got confirmation that it was nonviable to when we could schedule d&e (due to holiday and them being booked).  At the time I was hoping to go naturally, but it didn't happen.  Looking back I would have preferred to have the d&e immediately for closure.  I'm glad that you have that option should it in fact not be viable.

     I'm so sorry that you're going through this.  Please seek us out when you have questions or vents.  The women here have been SO helpful to me.  I have no doubt that my mental health would be in a completely different state if I didn't use their support.





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