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Today was a giant fail

I got three hours of sleep last night.   I had a HUGE fight with Dh this morning because he went back to bed when Liam woke me up at 5:30 (after I got 3 hours of sleep and he got a full night).  

I had to drive half way to Greenville to drop off my mom in the middle of the day while I should be at my house packing.    

Went to the final walk through at the town house and the owner of the townhouse repeatedly tried to tell me professional cleaners came in to clean yesterday when they CLEARLY did not.   I had to challenge him repeatedly until he agreed to reimburse me for cleaning costs.   Had to scramble to find someone who will get the job done before I move in Monday morning.  (Thanks Donna for the rec!) 

I was moving a piece of furniture and jammed my hand between the wall and the furniture and thought I broke my thumb.

Figured out that my thumb must not be broke (possibly sprained), when Evie puked all over my bathroom and I had to spring into action to clean her and the mess up.

need wine.... 

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