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DD won't drink her milk!

We've switched 100% to Whole milk for a while now. All of a sudden she won't drink the milk out of the sippy cup! She prob will only drink 2 or 3 ounces out of it! She eats 2 of the 6oz of yogurt a day. So I know that helps a little. But she just isn't drinking. And Barely drinking water or juice. I'm so afraid she's not getting enough fluid, of any kind!

Any tips?

Re: DD won't drink her milk!

  • Maybe she has an ear infection?
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  • I would just keep offering it. Maybe get a new fun sippy cup? Or help her use an open cup to sip out of? Also, in regards to getting enough fluids in general, maybe try popsicles, fruit with a high water content (mandarin oranges, grapes), soup/broths, etc?

    DD's interest in certain foods definitely comes and goes, so maybe she's just not into yogurt this week. Toddlers can be fickle like that. :-)

    But I wouldn't worry too much about getting X amount of milk/dairy. I'd worry more about her getting fluids in general, and having wet diapers. You're her mommy and know her best--if something seems off, it can't hurt to give the pedi a call!

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  • we are having this exact same issue... I try to offer her a sippy of milk every day, but seriously she spits it out... IF I can get her to get any in her mouth. I'm tired of throwing out all that milk.

    But from what I've read & talked to the doc about at her 1 yr visit, keep offering it seems to be the only advice. Maybe trying another type of sippy cup or open cup. The doc said as a last resort I could try a tiny bit of chocolate syrup to get her interested and then stop putting that in once she got used to it, but I"m not sure how I feel about that. Trying it at different temps is something we're getting ready to do. I've also read that just making sure she's getting a good amount of cheeses (DD loves cream cheese, another good dairy item) & yogurt is a good thing to help since she's not getting milk.

    For the liquids in general, again maybe a different type of sippy would be better? 

    GL. I hope both our DD's come around soon!

  • We had this problem too.  I think I was trying to force it on DS, which made him completely reject it.  He definitely hit the toddler negativity stage early.  Our pediatrian recommended offering it with meals without pressure, and he eventually began drinking more (eventually as in several weeks later).  We never went the chocolate syrup route.  Another thing we did was that my husband & I drank lots of milk at mealtimes to set a good example.

    During this stage, DS did like the no-pulp OJ which was fortified with calcium & vit D.  And we offered lots of cheese and yogurt in a no pressure way and tried not to stress about it.  He loves milk now, so I think it was just a stage.

     Oh, and our DS eats a TON of fruit.  So our pediatrician said not to worry about fluid intake unless he's not having wet diapers since fruit has such a high water content.

  • Thanks Ladies!

     She does love fruit and eats alot of it, also alot of yogurt. So I guess we're ok. But I figured out something that works!!!

    Carnation Instant Breakfast. I put MAYBE 1/4 of the packet of powder in the milk, esp at night. And She drinks the whole thing in an about an hour or less before bedtime. Also, the past two night that we've done it, She slept ALL NIGHT LONG. Which in 14 months, she's NEVER slept 2 nights in a row, all night. Its loaded with Protein, so perhaps thats what it is!

     Thanks for the advice!

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