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Product Rave: Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart


I got this for DS #1 as a Christmas gift.

I thought he might be a bit young yet as some of the options for chores/responsibilities are obviously geared towards older kids.  (take out trash, do homework, etc)

Turns out there are plenty that are appropriate for this age.  I particularly love "get ready for bed" because it saves the nightly battle of "have you (insert each step) yet?".  Now they get out of the tub and get dressed, brush teeth, put away dirty clothes and hang up their towels with no nagging from me!  I literally don't need to say a single word any more.  They just know what to do and actually DO it now!


They LOOOOVE this thing!!!

We pick 3 different "responsibilities" each week and they love getting their "responsibility dots"

Just now when #2 wasn't sharing #1 reminded him that "sharing is one of your responsibility dots!" and voila.... issue resolved.

I also like that there are 2 blank ones so you can make up your own "responsibilities" for them.  Jace is notorious for turning around backwards in his chair at the table (an actual physical danger if he tips it over) so that's going to be one of his next week!

I think we're going to try a "say something to make a friend feel good" one in the next few weeks just for a fun experiment.

Just thought I'd share.



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Re: Product Rave: Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart

  • I've been eying that chart for a while now... can't wait to get one for DS1 when he's a bit older!
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  • Good to know you're having success with it at a younger age.  I've had my eye on it for awhile but so far my oldest isn't really responding to charts but I definitely see this in our future.
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  • i have been thinking about getting that for DS1 when he turns 4... i think he'll love it.

    we made a sticker chart to track the nights that he does NOT call for us before going to sleep- b/c it was an issue- he was calling us 3x's+ a night after we put him to bed- and making up reasons why (my blanket fell off, etc)... so we made the sticker chart with 10 spaces and when he gets to #10 he gets to buy a toy from the dollar spot at Target :)  

    He's on #8 today without missing a day -he's done awesome -so i think he'll LOVE that M&D chart!

  • We have it, and DS loves it!!  He gets excited every night when he gets to put his magnets on it.
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