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I asked about space-a with a child a while back and someone gave me really good information about it. I'm having a hard time looking up the post because I keep getting bump "error" messages... Anyway, my question is...

I've looked up both my local passenger terminal and my desired destination, and they actually have a bi-weekly direct flight from one base to the other. The flight would be a KC-135, and it would be me and my six-month-old traveling from Europe to the States. Has anyone ever flown on a KC-135? What was it like?

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  • I am literally on the phone with with an AF pilot.  They have some space for seats.  They would not be any louder than any of the other big planes.  But they are loud and can be cold. 

    But this is from the Pilot...so I dont know how accurate that is....

  • Thank you! I asked my H about it because he's flown on one before, but his definition of "noisy" and mine are two very different things... he was a flightline mechanic for almost 7 years so he barely notices engine noise.

    I plan on dressing us both in lots of layers anyway because we'll be going from a cold climate to warm.

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  • I haven't flown in one myself, but from what a friend who has flown in one told me...

    They're loud, but it's that kind of noise that you get used to after a while, and then when you get off the plane it takes you a while to get used to the quiet again.  They're cold, but layers should be sufficient enough.  There are no windows and I *think* she said the seats are sideways, so if you suffer from motion sickness at all there's a pretty good chance you'll feel sick at some point.  I would actually talk to your pedi about what you can give your LO for motion sickness in case they get sick.  Also bring a pacifier if your LO will take one, because ears pop a lot worse in cargo planes than in commercial airplane cabins. 

  • Thank you, I didn't even think about the sideways seats, I do get motion-sick really easily.
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  • DH and I did space-a a few years ago to Hawaii on a KC-135. It was fun but it does get FREEZING  so dress in layers. Also bring stuff to get comfy Sleeping bag pillow etc. There were babies and kids with us on the plane none of them seemed to mind the noise.
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  • I am a Space A queen!  Haha :)  I did an 8 hour flight on a KC 135 from Guam to Hawaii while I was 32 weeks pregnant.  I was absolutely miserable.  KC 135's are small, and if it is a packed flight you have almost no room to move around.  There are only jump seats (the ones on the side), and they are smaller than any other jump seats I've been on.  The KC 135 is a fueling jet, so there is actually jet fuel under your feet, and that's why it's so cold!  Your top half will be sweating while your feet are almost numb from the cold.  Blah, I hated it, and I will never fly on a KC 135 again if I can help it.

    Having said that, I also live overseas and will try to get home almost any way I can.  I adore Space A travel.  I flew with my 3 month old to get back to Guam back in December.  Flying with her on the C17 was much easier than flying with her on a commercial flight.  Load Masters and the rest of the crew are so helpful when you have a baby! 

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